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Breathing Exercises to Lower Your Golf Score

BY DR. STEVE N. HANNANT, PSYD, MSCP Click image to open larger Article (.pdf)  

Rules Changes for 2019 : Are You Ready?

2019 Rules Changes As the New Year begins and we watch our favorite players compete on TV, we undoubtedly notice different results from the updated rules of golf. We now see the flagstick left in while putting, players bending over to drop their ball from knee height, and even the new YouTube favorite, double [...]

Hope is Not a Strategy – Do Your Homework Instead

By Seth Damsgard and Scott Brady That laser rangefinder won’t tell you how to play each hole. Seth’s first junior events taught him (the hard way) that good club selection is not enough. Knowing the distance to the pin and how far each club goes does not always put you in the best scoring [...]

Notah Begay Promotes Better Healthto Native American Kids

BY RANDY SCHULTZ, JUNIOR GOLF Click image to open larger article (.pdf)

What Can Golfers Learn from Other Sports

By Adam Kushner, Director of Golf, Berkeley Hall Yes, golf is an individual sport, yes, the ball is stationary, but golf is a sport and we need to treat it more like other sports.  At any given range across the globe, you will find junior after junior beating balls and working with their swing instructor.  [...]

Improve Your Game by Going Beyond the Technical Parts of Golf

By Erin Thorne, Wingate University Women’s Golf Coach Many articles found in golf posts aim at changing your technique to improve scores. Watching and listening to golf commentators during the PGA season makes you believe everyone should be getting their club into the same position as the best in the world. Yet there are [...]