By Wesley Keen

Honestly, Golfer’s love applying rules to the game and for that specific reason, we have here 12 Golf Rules for Dummies. Being a beginner who is starting out with playing golf, you might be introduced to quite a lot of rules, which are awful to read, let alone a bit hard to understand. Here, we have our 12 Golf Rules that are meant to be read by dummies or beginners who want everything in plain English, nothing fancy!

Equipment Rules:

  • Starting off the 12 Golf rules for dummies, we have here the Equipment ones. You might not know this, but you can carry a maximum of 14 clubs with you. If you have even a single one more than 14, you might cause a bit of a problem in the game. Besides this, you can take any combination with you provided the amount is 14 or less.
  • If you started a hole with a singular ball, you need to finish the hole with it. Between holes, you can change it, but not during the hole you are playing. Losing the ball during a hole permits you to use a new one.

Tee Box:

  • In situation where before swinging, if the ball falls off the tee, then it won’t count as a golf shot. You will have to put it back on the tee, as someone will scream “one” which means you have your first strike taken.
  • On the other hand, if you swing and totally miss the ball, then it will count as one. In this case, you have to know if it is moved by the generated wind or not. If it is moved, then you have to take a shot from that position without putting the ball on the tee, it will be considered the first shot and further you will go for your 2nd.
  • The tee maker creates a line and from behind it, you must place the ball. Between the two markers, you can go back from any point, but no more than the length of two drivers. There is also an imaginary line and you can play up to 90 inches if the length of the driver is not 45 inches.
  • When others are hitting, you have to always stand outside the teeing area and should never in any case stand behind it. This act will always distract the player when he or she is teeing and you should never be in his/her view nor you should be moving around as he/she hits.

During the hole of Play:

  • As the ball is simply lying there, you should hit it. In any case, you are not permitted to move it or kick it anywhere. You also cannot tee the ball up after hitting your first shot.
  • Making the lie better by pressing the club behind the ball is not permissible. For the first tee shot only, you can stamp your foot behind the ball on the tee.
  • Breaking the branches or even bending them for the purpose of making the swing easier is also not allowed. On the other hand, you can pick the stones, rocks, feathers, pine needles, sticks, leaves, boulders, dead grass which are simply around your ball, but you can’t move the ball during the process. Besides all this, you can only use your hands to pick stuff and not kick the stuff around.

Order of Play:

  • The player who is further away from the hole is given the priority to play first. When you are in a new group of players, you should know this rule. The other situation is that when someone yells Ready Golf, it means whoever is ready to play can simply take their shot without concern for the order of play. If you are confused with this process, make sure to establish who is going first.

Practice Shot:

  • You cannot take practices shots, but you can take a practice swing in the fresh air. In the practice you can always hit the stones or other stuff on the ground, but you don’t have permission to hit golf balls. In normal bunkers, you can’t hit the ground, but you can always hit it in the waste bunkers.


Golf might look a bit easy to handle at first sight but when it comes to actually dealing with golfers, you have to take certain aspects into consideration. If you’re looking for best small head golf drivers you can read the review here. So, we have 12 Golf Rules for Dummies to help you better understand the game because in any case, we don’t want you to feel ashamed around your fellow golfers.