By Ryan Ressa, Taylor Made Golf

There’s not many people on the planet who know Collin Morikawa’s golf game quite like Ryan Ressa. As the manager of player development for TaylorMade, Ressa has been Morikawa’s club fitter for over a decade now. Ressa has seen Morikawa come up through the ranks of junior golf and into major championship history, so he knows what it takes to achieve the dreams of a junior golfer.

Recently, on our latest Fully Equipped podcast, we asked Ressa about his advice for junior golfers who want to follow in Morikawa’s footsteps. The world of junior golf can be an intimidating and confusing place, and it’s easy to compare yourself to your contemporaries. Hopefully, Ressa’s advice can help you center your focus and achieve your goals.

Here are two important tips for junior golfers, from the man who has fit Morikawa into his golf equipment for years.