Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Jeehae Lee used to play on the LPGA. Now, she’s bringing incredible technology to your cell phone.

Co-founder of Sportsbox AI, Lee’s company wants to bring information to the everyday golfer that’s usually only available to teachers across the game.

Sportsbox AI is a 3D Motion Analysis studio in your back pocket. With one video of your golf swing, the app creates a 3D model not only from the angle at which you shot the video but a total of six different views.

Here’s just some of the data it provides: Shoulder rotation, side bend, pelvis turn and hand path.

All this information is useful for determining where golfers needs to improve. If they want more speed, increase rotation. If they’re slicing the golf ball, look at the hand path.

Nelly Korda, World No. 2, has one of the best golf swings on the planet. Here is a video of her swing, along with the accompanying 3D model.


It’s incredible to see the six views produced from one video taken from caddie view (straight on).

If you’re still not sold, watch this video of Marina Alex breaking down her swing after making a few changes with Claude Harmon in the off-season.


Is it paying dividends already? Well, Alex did co-lead after the first round of the LPGA Drive On Championship on Thursday.

If you’re interested in Sportsbox AI, click here to join their waitlist.