Dear Coach Ray,

My name is Anthony S. and I am from Pullinit, New York. I am a future major champion and writing to give you an opportunity to recruit me at Sanford. Joining other elite juniors like Tiger Woods and Carl (KARL) Vilips.

I am not a delusion junior; I understand that this is about producing results and have thought very carefully about my development plan.  I have shown a proven ability to go low in scrambles; shooting in the 50s, twice last year, using at least 45% of my shots. This had lead to many comparisons to another Stanford player, Tiger Woods. As you can imagine, I am frustrated because many coaches dismiss my record. But that’s crazy IMO. How can they not see the connection; both formats require you to work closely with the team and manage immense pressure.

The pressure of playing a full schedule of scrambles and Wednesday night games has allowed me to mature as a player and learn a lot about myself. Through this process, I have realized I have some weakness but luckily I connected with Mexican Digest del Golf Coach of the year Nominee (2012). Mr. Club Pro Guy. Mr. Guy, an experience touring professional has been invaluable, teaching me so much on and off the golf course. Under Mr. Guy I have improved mentally. I have also added different shots to my arsenal, including several types of punch outs. This has allowed me to turn potential double or triple bogeys into single bogeys.

As the summer approaches, I am excited to let you know that I am going to showcase my talent in at least 2 events; the Kentucky PGA Tiger Woods 2020 Video Game Open (VIRTUAL) and the Pepsi Little People  (VIRTUAL) tournament (no it’s not a tournament for midgets, but a truly interactive tournament, pretty cool if you ask me? In the KPGA, I plan to go low and think it will be a nice way to open the summer.  For the latter, I am getting mentored by PGA tour champ Patrick Reed, who has told me that he will coach me on techniques he uses to shave shots.

I also want you to know that I am not just a stud golfer, but a stud athlete who loves other activities including Zumba. Going all out to a T-Swizzle song is absolutely amazing; you need to try it coach! I also enjoy dressage and karaoke. My go to song is Anything by Little Dicky.

Obviously, until this year, academics would have been at the center of this conversation. But this the Covid-19, has changed the game; making schools like you go SAT and GPA optional. This opens the door to a once in a generation player like me, who might not otherwise get into school.

I hope now it is obvious to you that my future is bright! I hope that we can have a conversation about scholarship immediately as I am ready to commit. We can then turn our sights to important things, like winning championships or how we can use the money from my pro career? Maybe a golf center….

Thank you,