By Ted Simons, Executive VP/COO, Nicklaus Academies

With the advent of ‘mobile applications’, players have the ability to access information like never before, and not just from a single source, but from quality professionals from around the world. The concept behind the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf App is to share the proven insights, tips and drills from Certified Nicklaus Academy Instructors from around the world.

Every golf coach has their own take on the golf swing and how to best communicate those concepts to their students. And since there are no two golfers that are identical, a single source of information may not always be in the best interest for the progression of a particular student. No one has, or will ever, swing the golf club like Jack Nicklaus. Jack’s legendary swing is based on Jack’s individual DNA – physically and mentally. The concepts that Hall of Fame instructors Jack Grout and Jim Flick worked on with Jack matched up with how to maximize Jack’s God given talents and build a repeatable swing that he could trust under any condition. How Jack manifested that on the course on his way to 18-major championships is a testament to Mr. Nicklaus’ mental approach to how ‘he played each shot’, not how much hip rotation he had on his backswing. Success comes when the mind and the body are aligned for the common goal. Finding what ticks for a particular player is the key.

Whether a player is looking to improve their short game, maximize their distance off the tee, or work on basic fundamentals that must be mastered and adhered to throughout a playing career, the Jack Nicklaus Academy App shares this information in a free download for students to review, absorb, try, and discover for themselves. The tip that works may come from Billy Martin in Shanghai, China, or a drill that fixed a swing flaw may be a post from Brian O’Neill in Orlando, Florida. App users can interact with various coaches, send videos of their swing for review and analysis, or just scroll through 100’s of golf videos that may be the key to shooting lower scores and having more fun with this great game.

The Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf App is available as a free download from the Apple and Google stores.

Ted Simons
Executive VP/COO
Nicklaus Academies