By Brenden Ryan


I’m not about to give you another adult lecture; that’s not my style. Instead, I want to share three ideas that could really help you understand and make sense of the world.

1. Being an adult is different than you might think.

As a kid, I’d wear a suit and carry a briefcase while spending time with my dad at work. Those were special days, and I couldn’t wait to grow up. But here’s the thing—over thirty years later, I don’t really feel all that different. Deep down, we’re all just big kids in grown-up bodies.

2. Dream bigger than you can imagine.

The fact that we all have a kid inside us matters because it means none of us, no matter how old we look, can predict the future. Every one of you reading this has probably been told by someone that you’re not good at something. Maybe a teacher mentioned your reading or math skills, a coach placed you in a position you didn’t expect, or a parent suggested focusing more on school than sports. Well, I believe chasing your dreams is the bravest and most genuine thing you can do. And guess what? No one can truly stop you because nobody else knows your full potential. If anyone says otherwise, they’re full of it.

3. Sports is life.

Let me propose the following situation: you’re pitching. Your team is up 4-2. 2 outs. Bottom of the 9. Runner on first base. Bottom of the line up, worst hitter on the team coming up. What do you do? Take a moment. Think about it.

Now this might seem like a sports question, but it’s actually also a life question. A question grown ups face every day. A question at some point you might have to deal with when you’re older, but then the question is going to be more like this: there is a person at work, who’s under preforming. Money is tight. People are considering firing them. They come to you and ask, should we get ride of…

So here’s the honest deal kid, life is an impromptu game, played by kids, in which none of us really know what we are doing or what’s gonna happen. As you grow and have experiences, you’re gonna be exposed to a number of different people, strategies and gain experience. I hope you learn to play the game in which you find success beyond winning. I hope you learn to laugh in good times and bad. You find courage to do what you think is right. You find joy in being with your friends. I also hope you apply these lessons with grace and thankfulness when it’s your turn to be mistaken for old.