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Play Nine brings golf from the green to the card table for families, friends, and communities

LOS ANGELES, CA. –  Bonfit America Inc., an incubator, manufacturer, and distributor of unique products, is proud to present a card game that is founded on the principles of golf but a game that anyone can play and enjoy – Play Nine.

Play Nine is a great game for a casual game night or family get together. It is quick, easy to play and FUN,” said Bonfit President Paul Krok. “We’re experiencing a great deal of success with Play Nine in the large communities, particularly those associated with golf courses. During the pandemic, the Villages in Florida enjoyed Play Nine daily. It is very popular in these large venues; they can also create ladders and brackets to expand the game for weeks.” 


  • Set the Course: Deal eight cards to each player. Arrange the cards into two rows of four cards. Each player flips two cards face up to start the game.
  • Advancing Down the Fairway: Play continues in order with all players drawing, then turning over or replacing a card as they shoot for the lowest score.
  • Shaving off Strokes:  Players draw, decide, and discard working to match vertical pairs of cards. When matching a pair, the card cancels out equaling zero points.
  • Winning the Hole: As players go about their turn flipping and discarding cards, strokes will reduce, and one player will be met with the question of flipping their last card up. Players have the choice to skip their turn after drawing a card and immediately discarding it in hopes of reducing their strokes in the next turn. When a player decides to flip their last card, each other person has one final turn before the Hole ends. Play nine holes and the player with the lowest strokes wins the game.

“How I like to explain Play Nine. Each turn is a shot, and each hand is a hole. The game can be played in ten minutes but what is surprising is how strategic gameplay have people playing the game for hours,” added Krok.

Play Nine is available at fine golf specialty stores including PGA TOUR Superstore, and Golf Galaxy as well as at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, and Walmart. It retails for $18.99 USD and includes 108 cards, golf pencil, 150 sheet scorecard and easy to read instructions. To order online, visit

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