By Jeff Daner, Drip Golf

Drip Golf LLC, is proud to announce the formation of the Drip Golf Series ( The Drip Golf Series has been developed to allow all junior golfers the ability to play in events that have: a professional feel, a celebrity to talk about his or hers’ journey, and play and compete on courses that are premier.

The concept was developed and created to run alongside our regional tour: Tarheel Junior Golf Tour, which is located here in the Carolina’s and Virginia.

The Drip Golf Series will have events that are specified for different skill level of players, allowing all skill levels the ability to have a pro-style event. These levels will be determined using different outside ratings systems in our soon to be released

The Drip Golf Series will continue to carry on the same attributes as our regional tour.

(1) Premium Experience
(2) Premium Courses
(3) NO Membership Fees

The series is currently in a soft launch phase with a series of events that have been widely supported. Our expansion throughout the US will occur in 2025 with dates and locations coming soon. Currently the events on the calendar are:

Drip Golf Series 2nd Annual “Justin Williams and Friends” Junior Open
Drip Golf Series Inaugural “Women’s” Mid-Pines Junior Open

Drip Golf Series “The Grant Horvat and Friends” Junior Open
Drip Golf Series “Johnson Wagner and Friends” Junior Open

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Drip Golf’s mission is to bring young golfers together through events, software, and collaboration. We proudly work with state golf associations, independent tours, the USGA, and AJGA. We will continue to develop and integrate organizational data that focuses on helping these young players live out their dreams. By doing this, we aim to support kids not just in becoming great at golf, but also in succeeding in life.

Our motto is very simple.. We live this every day: