By Clive Mayhew

 “Ask me anything about golf, including rules”

 Play Today officially launches Golf Ai, the next generation Golf Ai service for the golf industry.

Play Today has solved a centuries-long dilemma – how to make sense of the golf rules. Not only has the Australian-based company unlocked a complicated and nuanced problem, but they’ve gone a step further to enable frictionless and fun ways for consumers to interact with the golf, elevating the game to a new level.

Ask me anything regarding golf rules:

  • “I’m in the bunker and have moved the sand behind the ball. Any penalty?“
  • “My partner hit my ball, what’s the ruling?“
  • “Help, I missed the green and ended up in the water. What should I do?“

Golf Rules Knowledge Graph:

A knowledge graph representing the relationships and connections between all the golf rules, definitions, clarifications and committee procedures. Each colour represents one of those categories and the lines represent the connections between them.


Clive Mayhew, CEO of Play Today, said: “It is so exciting to launch Golf Ai after working with a community of leading golf rules officials from around the world. We have developed a comprehensive golf rules dataset that runs on the top of Open Ai. The accuracy currently sits at 88% but the system is improving daily, our goal to get to 99% and beyond. For context, the top rules officials representing the governing bodies require 95% accuracy, so we believe that this technology will provide a great assistant for golfers at all levels. We are working with several partners to integrate this technology into GPS scoring apps, golf carts and the golf industry in general. It’s a simple API, available to our partners to help make the game of golf more accessible for all. Join our Golf Ai partner program today. “

Play Today. Golf Ai & the Metaverse.

Play Today is an industry leading technology company specialising in Golf Ai and the MetaVerse. Building next generation consumer based interfaces for the golf industry.

Join our Golf Ai Partner program, email clive@playtoday.cc

To experience Golf Ai : https://playtoday.cc/ai