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Coach John Wooden developed The Pyramid of Success upon the cornerstone that each individual will experience success when they do everything within their means to achieve their goals.

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

The Pyramid of Success has been used with students, athletes, coaches, children, adults, administrators, and businessmen to develop qualities that lead to personal success. Coach Wooden is a legendary basketball coach who spent much of his time with UCLA. His teams were highly successful in obtaining national championships. Additionally, Coach Wooden was a highly acclaimed and sought author and speaker on leadership, athletics, and life lessons.

The Pyramid of Success builds upon itself using 15 Keys. As the individual learns and masters one key, they move on to the next and the pyramid grows more challenging as they reach to obtain their Personal Best. Along the way, participants learn reward is not always the greatest indicator or success and winning is not the ultimate goal. Rather the goal is to “Be at your best when your best is needed” and find enjoyment in digging deep into a difficult challenge.

The Pyramid of Success

#1: Hard Work- Give it 100%

“There is no substitute for work. None. Worthwhile things come from real work.”

#2: Friendship- Help Others

“The two qualities of Friendship so important for a leader to possess and instill in team members are respect and camaraderie. To me these are the most noteworthy characteristics of true Friendship as it pertains to leadership.”

#3: Loyalty- Be Trustworthy

“Loyalty is a most precious and powerful commodity within an organization. And it starts with the leader who knows what Loyalty means.”

#4: Cooperation- Work Together

“Always seek to find the best way rather than insisting on your own way.”

#5: Enthusiasm- Enjoy What You Are Doing

“…You must love that which you do. Your hear must be in it.”

#6: Self-Control- Control Your Emotions

“Control your ‘self’ so others won’t have to do it for you.”

#7: Alertness- Look, Listen and Learn

“Be observing constantly, quick to spot a weakness and correct it or use it as the case may warrant.”

#8: Action- Gear Up and Go

“Be quick, but don’t hurry.”

#9: Determination- Keep Trying

“Be persistent. Be determined. Be tenacious. Be completed determined to reach your

#10: Fitness- Act, Eat and Think Right

“…You can’t attain proper physical condition unless it preceded by mental and moral Condition.”

#11: Skill- Practice Makes Perfect

“Skill means being able to execute all of your job, not just part of it.”

#12: Team Spirit- Be Eager to Help Your Team

“… An eagerness to sacrifice personal interest or glory for the welfare of all.”

#13: Poise- Be Cool

“… Being true to oneself, not getting rattled, thrown off, or unbablanced regardless of the circumstance or situation.”

#14: Confidence- Believe in Yourself

“Real abiding Confidence, like Poise, is earned by tenaciously pursuing and attaining those assets that allow you to reach your own level of competency- the potential you have within.”

#15: Personal Best- Being Fully Prepared to Do Your Best

“A real love for the hard battle, knowing it offers the opportunity to be at your best when your best is required.”

Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success may be used by anyone to enhance their personal performance in their respective arena. Wooden suggests initially using The Pyramid of Success as a means of personal improvement, and then apply The Pyramid of Success to their occupational, academic, social and/or athletic pursuits.

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