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(RIDGEFIELD, Conn.)Junior Golf Hub (JGH) is pleased to announce the roll-out of the new JGH platform. The newly redesigned Hub aims to provide a more engaging and accessible platform for users. Our primary goal is to make the powerful tools and crucial information within our features more accessible to the public.

Previously exclusive to members, many of our unique features are now accessible to all junior golfers, parents, college coaches, and junior golf organizations visiting our website. Enjoy open access to tournament information and valuable college planning resources.

Our Tournament Finder is a growing collection of key information and registration links for 3,500+ worldwide golf events for juniors. Custom filters are available to help you find the best tournament opportunities in junior golf. This helpful feature does not require a membership, however, members are able to customize their profile by adding tournaments to their schedule.

The College Search feature offers a comprehensive database of academic and athletic information on every college golf program in the United States. You can toggle between both Men’s and Women’s programs to find the information that best suits you. To personalize your list of schools and connect with college golf coaches, you will need to sign up for a Hub membership. The Hub’s powerful algorithm can provide a list of college programs that are a match for you based on the information you include in your profile. Unlock new matches as your game improves!

College planning can be a challenge, but with our newly accessible Essential Guide, junior golfers have all the resources they need to better understand the college process. With articles written specifically to deliver essential information for success on your journey to college golf, this tool is invaluable for junior golfers. This expert advice covers key topics such as: understanding scholarships and navigating the ever-changing NCAA rules and regulations.

JGH offers a subscription package for users seeking a personalized experience. This includes creating a custom college list, matching with programs and coaches, managing tournament schedules, and accessing contact information for every college coach in the country.

Embark on your junior golf journey with JGH, where we strive to provide you with all things junior golf.

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Junior Golf Hub is the leading online community for junior golfers, their parents, and college coaches, offering a modern, easily accessible website that simplifies and streamlines the college golf planning process for prospects. JGH provides a one-of-a-kind tool to help players and parents navigate the confusing journey to college golf, while helping college coaches discover and connect with top talent. For further details and to explore the platform, please visit



Amanda Milot
Junior Golf Hub Manager