By Roger Knick, The Golf Performance Center

Whether you’re an adult golfer who has recently come back to the game of golf or you’re a parent looking to share your love of the game with your children through golf instruction for kids, The Golf Performance Center has coaching and instruction for players at every age and level.

When we say “golf lessons,” we don’t mean a one-time session that serves as a bandaid. Our coaching philosophy is that commitment to improvement goes a long way in creating a sustainable golf game. When you work with The GPC’s staff of PGA Professionals, you’re choosing to truly invest in your game.

Any player who wants to improve their golf game can approach it in a variety of ways. Golf lessons for beginners or junior golfers might focus on golf fundamentals, teaching players the rules of the game and basic skills.

Advanced players who want to learn how to improve their handicap or fine-tune their golf swing can benefit from expert instruction and insight through evaluations and analysis. At The GPC, our golf instructors can help players who have been golfing for years identify areas of improvement or aspects of their lifestyle or fitness to help their overall performance.

Adults and juniors golfers alike have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the game of golf and develop their skills while doing so. Choose a golf coach at The GPC and you’ll have a qualified support system for however far you want to take your game.


With the GPC’s state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, highly-qualified club fitters, and expert golf and performance coaching, you will get so much more than you would from practicing on your own without the guidance of a golf coach.

Our programs are designed to take your play to the next level and help you improve your stats, not only through golf fundamentals but through each step of our 5 Elements of Success program: desire to improve, golf coaching, physical performance and nutrition, mental approach and equipment.

We believe that all five of these areas must be accounted for and in alignment in order for you to play at your best. You may be able to improve one or two of these areas on your own, but with the valuable insights of our coaching staff, you can achieve the perfect balance of all five elements and see your skills improve exponentially.

At the beginning of your journey at the GPC, a golf coach will evaluate your current skill level, listen to your goals and develop a personalized program with tangible steps.


At The Golf Performance Center there are golf lessons for every player at every level. Whether you’re looking for weekly training or are interested in golf clinics for adults that only last a few weeks, we have programming to meet your time and schedule.

All adult golf programs begin with the 5 Elements of Success Evaluation so your golf instructor can develop a roadmap for your program, which might include individual or group golf lessons. From there, adults have the choice of two performance programs: Adult Academy and the Facility Program.

Through the Facility Program you can enjoy year-round access to all of the GPC facilities and practice areas, including the King-Collins designed short course GPC National, fitness center and putting studio. With four hours of weekly physical performance and golf coaching plus personalized feedback from popular and advanced biomechanical technology, you’ll be able to identify areas of improvement alongside our expert staff.

The Adult Academy, on the other hand, includes unlimited access to golf coaching and physical performance training. Enjoy custom club fitting in our pro shop plus a personal locker and GPC golf bag in addition to year-round access to all facilities and technology.

If you aren’t sure which type of performance program or golfing lessons are right for you, we’re happy to help you understand your priorities and preferences and recommend the right program for you.


Golf is an excellent sport for kids to learn. It’s a lifelong sport they’ll be able to enjoy and it’s a great way to foster community and make friends. It teaches patience and perseverance as well as physical and mental stamina. At the GPC, we make golf fun and rewarding for junior golfers.

The GPC boasts some of the best junior golf camps and kids golf lessons in the northeast. From lessons for kids during the school year to golf summer camps, there is a range of options for players ages 7 all the way through high school.

Kids golf lessons for players ages 7 to 14 offer weekly instruction on golf fundamentals, fitness and an introduction to golf-specific skills. For programs outside of the school year, there are junior summer golf camps for these age ranges that give kids plenty of coaching time and summer fun.

Players in middle school and high school can take advantage of golf instruction during three weekly sessions where they learn advanced golf skills and tournament preparation, all while having access to the GPC’s advanced technology and biomechanical testing. They can also attend some of the best golf camps for juniors during the summer to hone their skills during summer break.

No matter the age or experience of your children, junior golf camps and kids golf lessons teach young players valuable life skills and help them learn a lifelong sport while developing important fitness and nutrition routines.


If your child is passionate enough about golf with hopes of playing in college or even professionally, the GPC is home to one of the best golf boarding schools in the northeast – ACHIEVE Golf Academy.

During their time at ACHIEVE Golf Academy, students live and study together on campus while receiving expert coaching and fitness instruction from our golf instructors. The curriculum is specifically tailored to student-athletes and allows them to receive a top-notch education while rigorously training for junior golf tournaments and preparing for the college recruiting process.

If your child is approaching high school age and has shown a true passion or proclivity for golf, ACHIEVE could be the best opportunity for them to hone their skills before college and lay the foundational work for a professional career in golf – more so than your typical weekly golf lessons. Find out more about academics, golf training and admissions.


Find out how much you can improve your skills with golf lessons at The Golf Performance Center. With world-class golf coaching staff and fitness instructors, get an in-depth look at your current skills and get evaluated for areas of improvement.

Our golf clinics for adults, group golf lessons, individual instruction as well as our array of kids golf lessons and golf camps guarantee a perfect fit for your goals. Our golf teachers will be there for you every step of the way.

Reach out to us today to see what you can achieve with the right golf instructors at your side.