Pizá Golf, the originator of Wellness Golf as well as multi-use and multifunctional golf designs, enjoys steady growth

SAN DIEGO, CA. – Pizá Golf, internationally recognized as a world-class architecture and golf course design firm, proudly announces today that the company appreciates their 15-years of continued success. They attribute this progress to their ability to push creative boundaries. To produce golf facilities that exceed golf industry standards and create never-before-seen concepts like Wellness Golf and multi-purpose golf.

“We are honoured and grateful that Pizá Golf continues to thrive. Last month, we celebrated our 15th Anniversary. What a special milestone! I thank our clients who put their trust in us and support our unseen creative golf concepts like Wellness Golf, multi-purpose golf and the Butterfly Effect,” commented Pizá. “In addition, I need to thank my technical team who are the best in the industry. They are instrumental in engineering my concepts.”

Agustin Pizá, Founder of Pizá Golf, believes his business development goals are reached every year because of his approach to golf design. One of his top priorities is to design for an inclusive experience on the golf course. His hope is to initiate a movement that matters, one that shapes and alters golf as it is today. To broaden the spectrum of people who play them which organically grows the game of golf.

Pizá, known as one of the most versatile architects in the industry, leads a talented team that designs award-winning 18-hole championship and resort-style golf courses, country clubs, and master-planned communities since 2006 but, it is multi-purpose golf concept that has stimulated their recent growth.

The award-winning multi-purpose golf concept, conceived by Pizá, is to develop an entertaining and fun multi-use golf facility with less resources on a piece of unused land or reconfigured parcel. The idea is to maximize land usage. The company has taken the multi-purpose golf concept and applied it in different environments and settings which include driving ranges, private estates, master-planned communities, and resorts.

“We are thrilled that our multi-purpose concept and designs contribute to our company’s growth. I personally take a lot of pride in transforming a small space into a golf complex. One that is ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable as well as increases the facility’s ROI, added Pizá.