Garner, NC—North Carolina-based golf player development program, Operation 36, announces the launch of their “My Journey” golf series on YouTube.

With the spike in popularity of YouTube for young people,  Operation 36 will be using this platform to share the journey of juniors learning to play golf.  The “My Journey” series will begin by featuring an Operation 36 junior golfer, TR,  who is eleven years old, and the son of co-Founder, Ryan Dailey.

“My Journey” will show a realistic viewpoint of the trials and triumphs for a young person learning to play golf.   It will show the challenges, as well as the coaching involved to guide a junior to becoming a par golfer.

Dailey, who is featured as the first coach in the series, shares his perspective on beginning the series:

“When you fall down, it’s encouraging to know that others have done the same. It motivates you to keep picking yourself back up and trying again. I asked TR yesterday after his 3 hours (and 50+ attempts) to land a scooter trick, why he was so motivated to land the trick and wasn’t discouraged at all.

‘Dad, everyone falls down when they are learning how to do a trick. It’s just how it is. The riders on YouTube that I watch fall all the time. I’m either going to land this today or get up tomorrow morning and try again. Eventually I’ll get it.’

What if we could help develop that same mindset in learning golf? What if we could provide relatable stories to players that would encourage them when they fall down? That is the chief aim of the ‘My Journey’ video series. Players, parents and coaches will get a front row seat on the roller coaster of improvement.”

Currently, there are four episodes of the “My Journey” series on YouTube, and new episodes will be released each week. You can find the series, by clicking here.

About Operation 36

Operation 36 is the most effective developmental program to teach beginners how to play golf. All new players begin on the course, and instead of starting at the tee box, they play from 25 yards away from the hole. Once the player shoots par (36) from 25 yards, they back up to 50 yards, and so on, until they are shooting even par (36) from the full tee box.  Participants engage in weekly classes taught by golf professionals and all progress of the golfers is tracked in the Operation 36 Platform.    

The Operation 36 mission is to create 1 million new golfers over the next five years, and they want to help coaches with introducing new golfers and retaining them for the long term.