Ryan Dailey, PGA
Co-Founder and COO, Operation 36 Golf

As parents, we want activities that our kids participate in, to be fun and challenging. Our hope is that the environment will motivate them to develop a strong work ethic to want to improve their skills.

How exciting would it be for us as parents to come home after a long day of work and see our kids practicing an activity in the backyard?  Or what if they asked you to take them to the field to practice after dinner and on the weekends? You see the excitement in their eyes as they work diligently to improve.  If you’re like most parents, you would do anything and everything to help support them in this activity.

The PROBLEM is so many activities have kids standing in line, sitting on the bench and not having a clear plan of what they can do to improve.

 They are so boring that our kids aren’t even motivated to reach for goals. 

They get in the car after the activity and ask us if they can quit and do something else.  We, as parents feel helpless as we bounce from one activity to another hoping that one sticks and it will be our ticket to keeping them off the TV and devices.  After a while, we give up and just let them stare at the devices for hours on end. Is it even worth the fight?

YES, it’s worth the fight!  It’s your kids!

You need a program that is specifically designed to be fun, challenging and in an environment that will motivate your child.

How about a program that has a proven track record of helping kids that have never played golf before? A program that takes complete beginners and turns them into highly motivated golfers that are laser-focused on improving?

The solution is getting your kids involved in an Operation 36 golf program.  We have spent the last decade trying to create something that was fun, challenging and had an environment that would motivate and eventually engage kids to want to improve at playing the game of golf.  It took us 10 years of trial and error to get all the pieces in place to help parents, players and coaches deliver an awesome experience day in and day out.

We hear stories every day of motivated players who are having fun and challenging themselves to improve using Operation 36.  Players who started out as complete beginners who have used the Operation 36 program to help guide them on the path to learning and improving at playing the game of golf.

Some players who have improved by 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and some by as many as 100 strokes in their Operation 36 journey.  Truly incredible stories of perseverance and hard work.

It is easy to get your child involved in an Operation 36 program. Simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Find a program near you
  3. Enroll in program

We highly recommend that you don’t purchase any equipment, clothing or gear until you meet with your Operation 36 Coach.  They can share with you what is needed, direct you to where the best place to purchase these items are and make you aware of any equipment sharing programs they have.

What does Success Look Like?

Imagine coming home after a hard day of work to see your child practicing golf in the backyard.  How satisfying would that feel? You get that warm feeling that they are engaged in something they enjoy doing and are working hard to improve.

That decision you made a few months ago to enroll them in an Operation 36 program has been fantastic as they are now laser-focused on what they need to work on and improve to beat 36 on the golf course.

As a parent, you have access to the curriculum in the Operation 36 mobile app so you can watch the lessons with your child to learn together.  On weekends you are caddying for your child in the Operation 36 match and it’s such a great environment for them to learn.

Your child started out at 25 yards away and saw some immediate success in their first-round on the course.  They made a couple of pars and it has now motivated them to try to improve enough that they can shoot 36 or better for all 9 holes.  You’re at peace knowing that the game will gradually get more challenging as they improve, it won’t be as frustrating and daunting as it was for you when you learned to play.

How much fun is this? 

In these Operation 36 matches, you meet new families and start to forge friendships with a common interest in the game of golf.  Since the 9-hole matches are played at your local golf course and are run quite often, you see the same parents and players each week and you find yourself cheering for the other players to try to beat 36.  Some matches end in success when they beat 36 or shoot a personal best, while others end with knowing they need to practice more to improve. What a great learning environment for the entire family!

We don’t want you to be frustrated as a parent anymore.  We don’t want you to have to keep trying a different activity or program every semester in hopes that your child will have fun, enjoy the challenge and be motivated to improve.

We want you to be excited about your child’s activities.  We want you to be involved in the process with them. We want you to know that they are enrolled in a program that gets them outside, interacting with others, experiencing success, experiencing failure and learning how to persevere.

Enroll in an Operation 36 program today!

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