By Roger Knick, The Golf Performance Center

Well, I know most of you have heard by now that one of the greatest golfers of all time is playing golf again, mind you he is playing at a very high level even though many “experts” have said he would not play again, especially at the level in which he was accustomed. Have you guessed by now who this is?  Right, Mr. Tiger Woods. We have all heard his story of the surgeries and the missteps off the course, but let’s not forget he is one of the greatest of all time to play the game of golf. He mesmerizes us when he is on the course.

Talking about psychology, Tiger Woods was, or could be, the poster child of how belief can alter your performance on the course. He has said over the years, it is more important to believe, than it is to be, at times. His interviews are full of, “I just need reps, more practice, he needs to stick to the process, I need to work harder on the things that need to improve,” these are things said based on his belief that he is striving to be his best. Tiger rarely uses the words, hope, trying or fixed. His psychology is such that he is doing things to improve, working towards something, working through a process of improvement. His belief is that golf is a tough game and there is never an end to the work; he can always be better.  We can all learn from this!

While wanting to be your best it may behoove you to take out the words, I am fixed, or I hope to fix it, and add in words like, I am working on the process, I am improving daily through good practice, I am not where I would like to be but continuing to move in the right direction. These phrases can carry over in all aspects of life, improving is a process. I am fixed implies that you are broken, you are not broken you are just learning to be better, you are improving your skills. Too often just because we hit a bad shot or two, we feel that we must start over. Or we think if we have a high score that all the work being done isn’t working. You must remember you are in the process of improving, you are not broken, nor do you need to be fixed!

How you think about the state of your game does matter. When you are practicing or playing golf, the messages are important. Use phrases like, my swing is not broken, I am working on being better, I have things that are good and things that need to improve. I am doing the work consistently to improve them. I do not need a fix, I have a plan for improvement. I will stick to the process. I need more focus when I am working on my improvement. I enjoy learning about my game through good shots and bad shots, it means that I am challenging myself to be better. Keep on improving, you will ultimately reach your goals!

Enjoy your Journey!