RIDGELAND, MS, October 22, 2019… SkyGolf®, maker of SkyCaddie®, the most trusted Rangefinder in Golf, announced that Jasper High School Girls Varsity Golf team in Jasper, Indiana, is using the SkyCaddie SX500 to track team stats and improve performance.

“If you can make something measurable, you can improve it,” said Jan Tellstrom, PGA Head Coach, Jasper High School. “The SX500 allows me to provide my team with a path to intelligent improvement. The main reason I purchased this for my team is what differentiates it from everyone else – the stats and its outstanding graphics. I really want them to be able to track their yardages and stats.

“Additionally, the team will often play golf courses that they are unfamiliar with and have questions regarding; is this hole a dog leg right or left, is there water on this hole, are there any penalty areas of concern and I’m starting on hole No. 15, where is it?  The graphics are invaluable in picturing the holes and its challenges before striking the first ball.  On the bus ride to the course, they can also review all the holes in advance and begin the process of matching their current abilities to the challenges that await them through a better visualization and decision-making process.

“I believe that there are four keys to improvement in the game of golf:  1) visualization of the shot you wish to make, 2) deciding on the targets in advance, that matches that visualization, 3) the comparison of the results to the outcome, or stats, and finally, 4) what can be learned from studying these results. This product and software cover the gamut of great visuals and great stats keeping, shortening the journey to success!”

Tellstrom’s team members have been using the SX500 to track the club, location and distance of each shot as they play. With the SX500, the players are able to view detailed, post-round analysis using SkyGolf 360 where all their game data is stored, analyzed and displayed in easy to see formats and graphs.

Tellstrom, who was director of golf at Smock Golf Course in Indianapolis for 33 years before becoming the head golf professional of the Pete Dye Course at French Lick in 2009, has been coaching the Jasper team for three years. “I started coaching because I feel I have a chance to do something special with this team and maybe make a difference in their lives. The SX500 helps make practices more enjoyable and provides great information that gives the team more confidence when playing and making club selections.

“The information they keep track of on the SX500 allows them to know how far they hit every club in their bag, which results in better game management and ultimately, lower scores,” continued Tellstrom. “They are able to easily track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

“The other great thing about the SX500 is how accurate the GPS is. It’s essentially a yardage book, which is invaluable, especially on a new course. The team loves the SX500 as much as I do, and it really warms my heart to watch them use it and understand how much it helps them play better and smarter.”

The Jasper High School Girls Varsity Golf Team has won or placed second in 11 of the 16 events that they played this season, recently advancing to regionals after placing second at the IHSAA Sectional at Buffalo Trace.

“As a young team, we did well this year, and that is partially due to the use of the SX500,” said Tellstrom. “It was a big deal. When they played different courses, they knew the yardages and they had a better idea of how far they hit each club because they are now able to track their stats.”

“We are excited to hear that the Jasper High School Girls Varsity Golf Team is doing so well with the SX500,” said Jacqui Surman, SkyGolf Senior VP and COO. “We’re pleased that they are taking full advantage of the game tracking aspect of our product to help improve the performance of their team. We congratulate coach Tellstrom and his team for their hard work and dedication to a sport that teaches so many great values to young people today.”

As with all SkyGolf e-golf products the SkyCaddie SX Series is built around the SkyGolf 360 platform, providing unmatched wireless connectivity for golfers to upload performance data captured during their round. SkyGolf 360 allows golfers to keep all performance data regardless of whether it comes from a rangefinder, a swing sensor, a performance tracker or a launch monitor in one place rather than scattered among various competitors with incompatible platforms.  A single platform is not only to the golfer’s advantage, but it is also to the advantage of a teacher, PGA Professional or reseller to be able to offer all the tools a golfer can need to improve their performance from one source with the confidence their customers are getting the very best solution.

The SX500, which recently received the Best Handheld GPS award in the MyGolfSpy 2019 GPS Buyers Guide, is also being used successfully by some of Europe’s best golfers on the Staysure Tour, with three recent winners using the SX500 in place of yardage books.

So, whether you prefer the largest and most-brilliant display in golf with the SX500 or its new “little brother” in the more compact SX400, you can be assured of having the most-powerful rangefinder in golf from the most-trusted brand in golf, SkyCaddie.

For more information about the SkyCaddie SX500, visit www.skygolf.com.

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SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie, the #1-Rated and Most-Trusted Rangefinder in Golf, is a private company specializing in the development of innovative positioning systems and technology specifically designed to help golfers play better and have more fun. The overall mission of SkyGolf is to help golfers play better with better information while respecting the long-standing traditions of the game. By using technology responsibly and within the spirit and rules of golf, SkyGolf provides golfers of all skill levels with better and more rewarding golf experiences. For more information, visit:  www.skygolf.com.


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