Lake Mary, FL, November 17, 2020 — Mental Golf Type proudly announces the launch of their new and innovative mental performance system designed to help golfers access their individual zone.

The zone is not a one-size fits all phenomena. It is a state of mind that is unique and personal to each individual player.  However, what if there was a way to immediately identify specifically what to do to play in the zone more often?  This is exactly what Mental Golf Type delivers.

Mental Golf Type is a unique golfer profiling system that identifies a player’s natural mental hard-wiring.  It determines a player’s dominant mental strengths and also the inferior functions of mind that produce predictable stressors. When a player is in stress, or using their inferior functions, the brain activates the fight or flight response.  This causes cortisol, adrenaline and other chemicals to be released in the brain and body which alters and inhibits a players motor cortex, or the part of the brain responsible for the golf swing.  Stress also changes the way players focus, make decisions, approach the game, and more.  The truth is stress is at the root cause of the majority of swing breakdowns and the reason for inconsistent performance on the golf course. The zone can now be re-defined simply as “the absence of mental stress.”  What creates this stress can actually be predicted based on a player’s Mental Golf Type.

There are 16 different Mental Golf Types, each type with their own unique strengths and predictable stressors. This mental hard-wiring, like our handedness, is established at birth and remains with a person throughout their entire life.  When players identify their Mental Golf Type they have a clear blueprint on how to use their unique mind on the golf course.  They are taught specifically what to do to leverage their mental strengths, and what to avoid because it produces stress for them.  When stress is eliminated, performance enhances.

Mental Golf Type was created by John Weir, author and former mental coach at the Mike Bender Golf Academy. After tremendous success with his players and college teams, Weir partnered with PGA professional, Kiel Alderink who is recognized as a Top Teacher Under 40 by Golf Digest in efforts to streamline the Mental Golf Type system and bring this breakthrough information into the mainstream. For the past few years, Weir and Alderink have been helping players from pro to junior level understand themselves and maximize their individual strengths.

Kiel Alderink, spokesperson for Mental Golf Type, is available for immediate television, radio, magazine and newspaper interviews.  He is also available for guest spots on podcasts and other internet media outlets. More information, testimonials, and a free self-assessment can be found at