Dear Junior Golf Players and Parents,

As we all have faced one of the strangest, most uncertain and stressful times in our lives, I wanted to share a few thoughts from my perspective as a College Recruiting Consultant, having spent a majority of the past 3 months in communication with many college coaches and prospective student-athletes around the country.

The recruiting process was already a very fluid and inconsistent process prior to all of this but that has jumped to an entirely new level of uncertainty and confusion for all parties involved. With the NCAA’s decision to extend 1 year of eligibility for all spring sport athletes, the college coaches are having to make some of the most difficult decisions of their careers and sort through many, many unforeseen scenarios now and for years to come. So, while this is one of the most opportune times to connect and engage with the coaches, do keep in mind their current situation and uneasiness about the future of their players and program. Be patient with them while also putting forth your best effort to make a great impression on who you are as a student, athlete, and person through electronic communication at this time.

Through June 30th, DI golf programs (and DIII programs) will remain in a Dead Period. During a Dead Period, a coach is not allowed to evaluate a prospective student athlete (no recruiting at tournaments), nor have in-person contact with a PSA on or off-campus. Electronic communication is still allowed for 2020 and 2021 recruits (it will be allowed starting June 15th for 2022, pending no changes by the NCAA).

For DII golf programs, they will implement a Quiet Period from June 1-30th which means, if applicable, you can have on campus in person contact with a coach, but no off-campus in-person contact or evaluations. Electronic communication is allowed for 2020 and 2021 recruits (it will be allowed starting June 15th for 2022, pending no changes by the NCAA).

I am extremely grateful for the relationships with many of the college coaches who are kind enough to keep me in the loop on what is going on from their perspective so that I can better educate and consult the junior golfers and their parents. As you begin tournament golf again, I encourage you to relax and trust that it’s going to work itself out how it should. I know many aspects of this current situation may seem uncertain and unfortunate, but if you will communicate with the coaches and be proactive on your end then you can set yourself up to make this process a much better outcome and still find a college golf fit for you.


Brandi Jackson