You don’t have to be a junior or college golfer for the tragedy involving members of the University of the Southwest Golf Team to shake you to your very core. We all know the story by now. But for our tight golfing community, this unthinkable horrible event hurts just that much more.

We lost a group of bright young men and women who chased their passion for life and golf to the campus in Hobbs, New Mexico. There is no greater goal to aspire to in this world than relentlessly chasing your dreams. That is exactly what Travis Garcia, Dayton Price, Karisa Raines, Mauricio Sanchez, Tiago Sousa, Laci Stone, Hayden Underhill, Jackson Zinn and their coach Tyler James were doing when tragedy struck. Only Price and Underhill survived and are just beginning their long road to recovery.

Each of these young men and women showed up on campus at the University of the Southwest as strangers from different parts of the country and the world. However, athletics has a great power; it transforms human relationships, turning strangers into family and best friends during daily practices, team competitions, meals and long grueling drives between far away random tournament destinations.

This week, and next month, as you continue to chase your dreams; please take a moment to reflect on what this whole event is about. Think about these players, and the passion they had for the sport they loved. Talk about what truly matters, the time you have to do the things you love. The people you enjoy spending time with. Cherish your time with your teammates. Keep in mind the bountiful blessings we all enjoy by being fortunate enough to play the sports we love, with the friends we have.