BY Jeremy Scott, PGA – Nicklaus Academy Orlando


At the beginning of each season, Jack Nicklaus would pay a visit to his longtime coach, Jack Grout. There was no ground breaking swing theory discussed and no flashy technology to consult. Magic moves and the hottest trends, though intriguing, were left alone. Instead, discussions of ball position, grip, and set up cues helped establish the tone for what always proved to be a historic year in golf. Throughout the years, the relationship between player and coach had produced an understanding of those things necessary for Jack Nicklaus to achieve success. Their communication helped create an engaging environment. The resulting effect was peaked performance leading to a record 18-major wins, healthy tournament earnings, and all the accolades deserving of such hard work.
“Success” will mean something different for each and every player. The process to achieve desired success, however, is the same. To make 2019 your best year in junior golf, utilize this simple three step process to experience effective change:

1) Begin with a clear understanding of what your current game looks like. This doesn’t necessarily mean your swing. Instead, what are the metrics that lead to the scores you are experiencing? Are you finding the fairway? Hitting greens in regulation? Is your putting average below 2 per hole? How many penalty strokes to you add to your score each round?
2) Have a clear understanding of what you should be doing. What do you need to do differently with your golf ball to see lower scores? Lower scores always translate into more fun!!
3) Finally, understand exactly how to make the above change. This may involve working on your swing and/or your putting stroke, but could simply mean better on-course strategy and a positive mental approach. If you are having difficulty in this step, reach out to a golf coach like those at the Jack Nicklaus Academy Orlando. They will seek to understand you as an individual, as a player, and will establish a personalized approach in order for you to achieve your goals. This relationship, much like the one shared between Jack Nicklaus and Mr. Grout, will give you the meaningful insights that will accelerate your learning and produce lower scores.

Jeremy Scott, PGA
Nicklaus Academy Orlando